The Story

All her life, Shreya has been warned not to cross the border between wolven and human territory. Her mother and sister make sure to remind her how cruel humans can be. They tell her tales of their betrayal, about how they refused to live in harmony with the wolves, and how they forced them to live on lesser soil.

She doesn’t believe them. Shreya wants nothing more than to distance herself from her wolfishness and all the horrors that have been attributed to her kind.

Ellie, the village chieftess’ daughter, has heard similar things about the wolves – stories of their atrocities, their bloodthirst, and their hatred of humans. Her mother reminds her that their “peace” with them is on a razor’s edge, and that Ellie should prepare herself for the possibility of war.

Ellie’s not concerned about that, though. She spends her time wandering the nearby woods in search of a rare flower that’s said to bring back the dead.

In a fit of rebellion, Shreya breaks through a gap in the border wall and comes face to face with Ellie herself. Her hat hiding her ears, Shreya is mistaken for a human, and their initial meeting becomes the first of many…


The Author

Redwood Crossing is written by kaleidofish, a lifelong writer who also creates visual novels and interactive fiction (see Kaleidofish Studios for more information). I specialize in stories about relationship arcs, queer (not just sexually) & outsider characters, and identity exploration/formation. Expect to see those themes in Redwood Crossing.

This story is my way of experimenting with open story development and interactivity in long-form fiction. Comment, enjoy, get involved. While the story will keep moving ahead, it’ll be even better with your feedback.

The chapters you see here will be early drafts when they’re first posted, but I reserve the right to go back and edit them. Chapters with significant edits will be marked as so.



What is this?

Redwood Crossing is a fantasy/drama series rooted in reimaginations of certain fairy tales. The story is released online in weekly installments. There’s a poll at the end of every chapter that readers can vote on. The “winning” choice is the one with the most votes. Your votes determine the story!

When are votes due by?

Friday night at 11:59 PM EST (GMT-5).

When does RWC update?


What’s the rating?

There’s potential for graphic language. Content in the first arc won’t exceed a 16+ rating.

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Someone in your household already voted, or another kind of error occurred. Use the contact form to submit your vote directly to the writer’s e-mail. As long as you send the e-mail before the voting deadline, your vote will still count.

Why isn’t anything happening when I select a poll choice?

The most likely reason for that happening is that the poll already finished for that week. The deadline for chapters posted on Tuesday are the end of Friday, giving roughly 3 days for votes. If the poll hasn’t finished and there is some other kind of error, please use the contact form.

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Can I draw fan art or write fanfiction or make any other fan media?

Yes, however you must include a credit and link back to Redwood Crossing. You also cannot make a profit from your fan work without my expressed permission. If you send it to me through one of my social media pages (link to Support page with the list of them) or my e-mail (link to Contact form), I’ll make sure to post it on this site.