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[A/N: Until stated otherwise, updates are going to continue to be sporadic. This is a post of random Q&A tidbits about various RWC characters. I’ll get the rest of that chapter done ASAP.]

If the characters had RPG classes, what would they be?

Ellie would be a rogue due to her lockpicking skills and charisma. I think she’d lean towards a strength-based build rather than a dexterity heavy one. We’ve seen her with some grappling/wrestling maneuvers so she’d be able to melee. I guess she’s sneaky, judging by how many times she’s been able to go to the woods.

Marietta would be one of those characters who started off as a warrior, but then is going through a class change to something like a wizard. Her stats don’t necessarily support being a mage character, but, dammit, that’s what she is now. What do you mean her spellcasting keeps going awry? She meant to pronounce the spell like that. You’re the one who’s wrong.

Zinnia…yeah, she’d be the proper magic user in the bunch. No surprise there. I picture her as helping to hold the group together. The sensible one. Logical. You know all about Zinnia by now. She’s also academic, so I can see her fitting this role. Definitely would squabble with Marietta and tell her to go back to being a warrior/melee type. Zinnia never gets to catch a break, does she?

Assuming she’s human in this, Sunflower would be a brawler. Smashy bashy character. Otherwise, she’d be a beast monster for Ellie. Not much of a surprise with this one, either.

Shreya, hmmm…I went back and forth between her being a warrior-type of class, druid, or ranger. She’s got archery skills, she’s “one with the forest,” and if she was a druid she could eventually do things like transform into a wolf. This is assuming she’s a human. Maybe she would be beastkin, if we have to draw parallels somewhere?

How would they do in a bluffing game?

Ellie: no poker face. She’d be the one talking too fast, too loudly, getting way too nervous. Also she would accuse everyone else of being shady if she was playing a game like Werewolf or was in a death game scenario like Danganronpa or something. Couldn’t hold it together.

Marietta: would rely intimidation for everything. Would be bored easily if she isn’t the wolf/killer in a Werewolf/Mafia game. Really cocky in poker. Brute force everything. “You’re going to fold, because I know your cards suck.” Wouldn’t count cards in games or keep track of finer details…just would be a jerk.

Zinnia: constantly running numbers and trying to figure out the odds of things. Focused on winning. Could get frazzled if she gets shaken hard enough if her strategies fall through. Always planning ahead for the many possibilities.

Sunflower: would get too excited whenever she was close to winning. An easy tell. Maybe worse than Ellie at this, but without Ellie’s loudmouth. Laidback approach, just wants to have fun. I have a feeling that people wold feel sorry for her and let her get away with things they’d never let people like Ellie get away with.

Shreya: difficult for people to read. One of those people that tends to win games without knowing how she did it. It just kind of happens. On the inside, she’d be panicking but it wouldn’t show on the outside because that’s Shreya for you.

What if they were cats in a contemporary setting?

Ellie: would want to be in the middle of everything all the time. Would get into dangerous WTF types of situations, like suddenly climbing to the top of the closet door. Would eat everything and anything, but the best food is whatever you’re having. Snuggly. Attention hog.

Marietta: fluffy long hair cat that requires trips to the groomer. Would love to be brushed but would spazz out as soon as she is touched the wrong way (AKA for more than the EXACT time she decides). Will only eat the most expensive wet food brands. Has to have a nice collar. Definitely the real “owner” in the relationship. What makes her worth it is the rare times when she decides to cuddle with you and you remember she’s a softy.

Zinnia: one of those intelligent cats who would be able to get into anything and everything…like, what, how did Zinnia manage to open that door? Curious. Easy to manage, lowkey. Content with sitting in the same room. Doesn’t need to be played with. Not demanding. Rather easygoing.

Sunflower: a dog in a cat’s body. Purrs a lot, loves to play. High energy. Would be a kitten forever and a total lap cat.

Shreya: a cat who loves her people and is uneasy around other cats. Capable of being scary, and maybe would have a larger frame to match a scarier image, but would be a gentle soul. Not fussy. Intelligent. I suppose she’d be similar to the Zinnia cat, only more people-oriented.

A/N: If you have any questions you’d like to see answered next time, post them in the comments. 🙂


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