Jul 112017

After weeks (months?) of feeling creatively constipated, I’m going to stop being in denial. I need to take a long break from this. Balancing this and work has been…difficult, to say the least. Writing all the time for work just saps me of the energy I need for Redwood Crossing. It was easier to do this when I was in school, but now it feels close to impossible. :\ It’s hard to justify spending time on this when I could be working on paid projects.

That being said, I don’t want to completely give up on this.

We’ll resume September 12th. If there’s still voters around after that, then we’ll continue onwards.

I highly recommend subscribing for an e-mail alert and/or following me on Twitter (which…hasn’t been updated in a year+ but I may get back into it soon).

See ya in September.


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