Dec 192017

Due to a mismanagement of my time, the next chapter won’t be ready today. I’ll see if I can find the time to work on it bit by bit throughout the week so that I can have it up by/before Tuesday. If I don’t, then I’ll try to have some sort of Interlude or Bonus chapter ready on the 26th (assuming Christmas doesn’t wipe me out).

Thank you for reading and supporting Redwood Crossing throughout 2017. I’m also going to leave last week’s poll open for another day.

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Jul 112017

After weeks (months?) of feeling creatively constipated, I’m going to stop being in denial. I need to take a long break from this. Balancing this and work has been…difficult, to say the least. Writing all the time for work just saps me of the energy I need for Redwood Crossing. It was easier to do this when I was in school, but now it feels close to impossible. :\ It’s hard to justify spending time on this when I could be working on paid projects.

That being said, I don’t want to completely give up on this.

We’ll resume September 12th. If there’s still voters around after that, then we’ll continue onwards.

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See ya in September.

Jun 202017

I lost my block of writing time today, which means that there’s not going to be a chapter today. I’ll see if I can do a short bonus chapter later. I’m moving soon, so I’m living in a jungle of boxes at the moment. It’s hard to write like this, but the good news is I just finished a big project so once that burn out clears up, I should be back to this.

May 302017


Sorry, I must delay the chapter. I’m going to see if I have time to finish it before the end of this week. If not, then it’ll have to be here on Tuesday.

I have a preview link for the first 1000-ish words of Chapter 57 over here if you’re dying to read it. I’ve been struggling with chapters lately. I might be burning out a bit. I’m not as fast as I used to be and I’m feeling the pressure.

Thanks for your understanding,


May 242017

Alright, so it appears that we’ve been having a bunch of site issues lately. If any of you are wizards or know anybody who is, hit me up on my Contact page. I think part of the problem is that the site isn’t doing a fresh reload for each user.

I don’t want to accidentally blow up this site by strong-arming things myself, so haaalp. Also, if you have any bug reports, send them my way.



May 182017

Finally, it’s here! Sorry this took so long. Please forgive me for any dictation related typos. If something doesn’t make sense, read it out loud and hopefully it’ll make more sense. If you are not up-to-date with the story as of Chapter 55, do not read this. You will be spoiled if you do.

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May 022017

Sorry, folks. I’ve got some deadlines for work that I have to hit, which made me behind with the latest chapter. I don’t want to slap together something that I won’t be happy with, so the chapter will have to come out next Tuesday.

So… I’m going to use this post for something that I see a lot of webcomic artists do, and that’s a questions & answers session. You can leave a comment here with questions for me or one of the characters. Leave as many questions as you’d like and I’l have some answers up before the next chapter goes out.

Who knows…maybe one of your questions will inspire a Bonus/Interlude chapter? :O

Note: I won’t answer things that will be spoiler-heavy.

Ask questions through a comment on this post, this anonymous question box on our blog, or by sending me an e-mail.

Thanks and sorry for the delay, all.

Apr 262017

Link to the May 2nd, 2017 announcement if you’re unable to find it.

You know your Redwood Crossing vote went through when you see text to the tune of “thanks for voting” informing you of such.

If you don’t see that for both of the poll options, that means your vote didn’t go through! We’ve got an uneven amount of votes this week. It happened to 2 people (maybe the same ones?) last week, too. If you have any issues getting your second vote through, please send me an e-mail through the Contact page.



Apr 012017

[4/11/17 edit: THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOLS POST!!!!]

Hey everyone,

I write this to you with a heavy heart.

As you may know, it can be difficult for LGBT stories to find traction, especially when they’re character-driven romantic ones. It is doubly difficult when the focus is on the “L” of that acronym. I won’t speculate here as to why. F/F (female/female) stories don’t seem to have as much reach as their M/M (male/male) counterparts…see various fandoms for examples.

I was faced with a dilemma these past few months. Readership hasn’t gone up as much as I would like. There have been times where I wanted to outright delete this story. There have also been times when I’ve wanted to say “I quit!!” But here I am. I persevered.

Can you believe that I thought about turning Ellie or Shreya into a boy just so we could get this story some more attention? Shreya would’ve been the bad boy found in the woods who turned out to have a heart of gold. Ellie still would’ve been that petulant princess type. I really considered it! I actually was ready to throw in the towel and just do it.

Would anyone have noticed if Shreya suddenly was Shreyhan? Of course, you would have. I couldn’t be that slick about it. So I set that thought aside. This is a story about TWO GIRLS.

But then I put on a show that changed everything for me. It became the answer to my prayers.

I admit that when I clicked on it, I thought it would be yuri, you know, “girl on girl romance,” like what you see on this website. It turned out that it was kind of a yaoi or “boy on boy romance.” Woo! The character designs were so cute, too. I was enthralled! I was changed forever!! And it SHOWED ME THE WAY.

That anime? It was something called Yuri! On Ice!!!

Don’t be fooled like I was. It’s not yuri. It’s yaoi. And yaoi crushes yuri. Yaoi is powerful! I’ve been reading about it. And all the numbers and data I’ve gathered about yaoi have told me that its audience trumps the yuri one in size. Google it. Then come back here. And I’m talking about the squishy romantic demographic. Not that I’m calling any of you squishy. No.

I’ve found the answer to my prayers here. I’m working on rebranding Redwood Crossing into a boy on boy story. I know this will lose me some readers, but I think this story will be richer because of it. Ellie, or Elias as he will now be called, will still be thirsty as hell. Shreya, now Shreyhan, will hit all those sweethearted bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks tropes that we love.

It’s going to take about a week or two to convert all the chapters to boy form. Until then, the story will go on a bit of a hiatus. I’ve already started working on some chapters and I’ve included snippets of them below the read more. Press continue reading to feast your eyes on it.

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